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My M&G Experience with Halsey

I was fortunate enough to snatch a VIP ticket for Halsey’s show in Montreal, QC on July 8th and it was the most beautiful experience ever. I had never met a celebrity before, let alone been so close to barricade for a concert before.

I went by myself but I quickly made the greatest friends once I lined up in the VIP line. We stuck together the entire night and had such a great time.

So the time had come, we were all lined up inside the venue. Her team gave us our lanyards and t-shirts and then explained the rules prior to meeting Halsey. We were then brought into the room M&G room:

My heart was literally in my stomach and RACING. I’m such a shy and awkward person and I wanted this to go so well without embracing myself in front of her . I was also low-key crossing my fingers that she still had that blue wig. Next thing I knew it was my turn. I made my way in front of the backdrop and there she was: DROP DEAD GORGEOUS omfg. She greeted me with “Hey gorgeous, I love your jacket” and a massive hug (I’m pretty sure my knees wanted to give up on me). I twirled around to show her my jacket that I made purposely for the show and she absolutely loved it. Here comes the awkwardness (in my eyes at least), I apologized for only discovering her music about a year ago because apparently I was living under a rock and she goes “OMG NO ITS OKAY”. I wanted her to know that she’s so incredibly talented and that there was nothing I love more than artists who put so much effort into creating concept albums. I GOT ANOTHER HUG AFTER THIS. I proceeded with telling her that I also came alone but I made some friends along the way and that she has such an amazing fanbase. She then tells me that she never had a lot of friends growing up but now she has thousands thanks to her fans and that she’s so happy she gets to be with them every night. She also told me that it’s so easy to make friends with people at her show because you’re here for the same reason: to see her, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll have something in common because you relate to the music

After this, she asked me what I wanted to do for the picture, I went for the traditional hugging photo. Pretty sure she told me something after the photo but I can’t even remember because I was just so shook. I got another hug and left through the other side and got my tarrot cards.

I got my photo around halfway though Halsey’s set throughout the night. I was super insecure and hated my photo at first. I’ve grown to like it over time, so here it is:

This is definitely a night I will never forget, everything was perfect and I wouldn’t change a single thing. Love you Halsey

Here are some photos I took from the show, I was second row.

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