We need to talk about Halsey's epic tour visuals

As you all probably know, Halsey is on the final instalment of her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour, and it’s no surprise that Halsey is has one of the best artistic visions out there, but her tour visuals are seriously OUT OF THIS WORLD. It’s visually stunning from anywhere you stand in the arena.

It’s safe to say that pictures don’t even do justice to these visuals, they MUST be seen in person!

#1 Hurricane has easily one of the best visuals on tour

I mean, have you seen the epic lightning storm during the song!? The way it seamlessly runs down the screens through the staircase is mind-blowing!

#2 Another epic shot of the visuals during “Hurricane”

#3 Even Halsey herself is obsessed with the visuals.. WHO WOULDN’T?

The flower visuals during "Now or Never" are beyond pleasing and reflect the album theme perfectly.

#4 And the stunning flower visuals during Bad at Love 😍

#5 Smoke emerges from the entire stage several times.. LIKE WOW

Seriously makes you feel like you're in heaven with Halsey.. Maybe you are??

#6 and the visuals during “Gasoline” are VIBES

The song deserves epic visuals anyways.

#7 the vocals, the visuals, the energy, the passion, the songs.. HFK tour is epic af

#8 and finally the show ends with the most beautiful confetti

The arena literally gets FILLED with confetti, to the point where you'll arrive home and find confetti in your clothes!

Halsey literally shows everyone that no matter how big or how small of a venue you play, you can make it an EPIC show for everyone.

#9 Halsey invented visuals. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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